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thealmostmonth's Journal

The Almost Month
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Born out of a bad coffee shop, with 3 people and 2 cameras. 2 girls and 1 boy. We attacked the 16th street mall @ midnight with our cameras and it attacked back, leaving one of us with cuts and bruises. With pictures as evidence, we decided that we had to share them with everyone else. These are our pictures. They aren't necessarily good and some are outright horrible, but that's one of the reasons why they're great. They are chronicles of time spent with good friends. Enjoy.

Sometimes these friends go off and start their own lives else where in world. But still enjoy shearing pictures. Even without all being together, pictures can be taking with those in mind.


A Japanese/Native American communist that smokes out of the same crack pipe as The Baby Kangaroo. She enjoys scaring the elderly, stalking people, and beating up The Baby Kangaroo. A love for Japan and passionate about Dir en grey, this Ruler of the Universe just likes to have fun.


Lanky swede with a strange desire to climb on top of trash cans. Contrary to the evidence, he doesn't smoke. He spends his free time trying to be more pretentious than the people who hang out at yuppie coffee shops.


Even after a year, she still hasn't typed up her own info bit. So Saiko will do it for her. This is it. The end.